Employee wellbeing is a necessity,
not a luxury

Empower your employees on their personal wellness journeys to thrive, with our personalised wellbeing digital ecosystem and suite of intervention solutions for a healthy workforce. Increase employee engagement through preventive health and wellbeing, to enable enterprise excellence and business success.

A digitally enabled suite of personalised solutions

To enable and improve, not disrupt, your workplace culture and employee needs.

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Integrated holistic wellness in the workplace and in life

Let your employees thrive across MIND - BODY - SOUL - TRIBE

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Mental wellbeing

To improve mental wellbeing, reduce stress, anxiety, and
prevent burnout.​


Purpose and values

To find a deeper purpose, and align work and vocation, with values.


Physical health

Nutrition, exercise, and sleep, for healthier and more energised lives.​



To connect with each other and build a sense of
increasing engagement.​

Achieve business success with Nilaya Thrive

Harness Digital & Data to drive Employee Wellbeing success to achieve enterprise excellence

  • Flexibility & Simplicity
  • Ecosystem Connectivity
  • Data & Analytics
  • ROI Measurement
  • Policy & Process Enablement

The benefit to the business and ROI from ROE

A clear correlation between employee wellbeing engagement and business success

  • icon-sun Increased Productivity
  • icon-first-aid-kit Decrease in sick-leave
  • icon-butterfly Higher Retention
  • icon-atom Ability to attract & retain top talent
  • icon-hand-heart Improved employee satisfaction
  • icon-sparkle Better reputation through Glassdoor scores

What the experts think

Pat Passaro

Pat Passaro

HR Consultant and Executive Coach​

I've evaluated a lot of employee wellbeing programs, but Nilaya Thrive is addressing the problem in a unique way. It's not just another generic app or one-size-fits-all solution. The personalised approach on the employee with a focus on holistic health solutions, is needed to tackle the increasing pressures on workplace wellbeing.

Mark Hawes

Mark Hawes

Strategic HR Executive Leader​

Nilaya is a ground breaking opportunity for employers and employees to take control of their corporate wellbeing. The fresh approach to individual workplace health will place the focus on people and culture removing the reliance on a one size fits all health insurance cover.

Jo Hall​

Jo Hall​

Employee Wellbeing and Engagement Coach​

As the future of work demands ever greater employer focus on improving employee wellbeing and the employee experience for mutual sustainability and success, I am privileged to be involved in the development of the Nilaya personalised wellbeing platform. Combining a shared passion for personal empowerment and holistic, integrated science and modalities the team has the unique potential to significantly improve wellbeing at work and life in general. I'm excited to be part of shaping this change.

Andrew Tailby MA

Andrew Tailby MA

Founder TRESC Ltd

As an experienced Organisation and Executive Coach, I'm well aware of the pressures facing the individual employee that can often lead to at worst  unwanted health issues and at best a lack of performance at work. Neither are good for either the workplace or the person. Nilaya Thrive under the visionary leadership of their CEO Alex Charge offers a powerful solution whilst at the same time empowering the individual in their personalised well-being journey. It's a win-win for both employee health and wellbeing and business performance.    

Leadership Behind Nilaya


Alexandra Charge

CEO Nilaya, Scientist Yogi​

Life sciences & healthcare executive with over 25 years transforming clinical trials through data, digital and patient-focused innovation, for diverse, inclusive and accelerated access to new medicines for patients. Practicing yoga teacher for 20 years.​ Leading the charge of a new future of human-centric innovation in preventative health and holistic wellbeing


Sunny Gambhir

Advisor & Founder, ​The Executive Monk​

Sunny's unique life and career background in software engineering and design led him to found Windmill, creating innovative digital products. Passionate about preventative healthcare and holistic practices enabled by digital technology and personalisation through AI. ​

Pierre Edouard Sottas

Pierre Edouard Sottas​

Advisor & CEO of partner venture xLongevity, Biohacker Braveheart​

A 25y executive and entrepreneur with a diverse background in Life Sciences and AI in Healthcare, PhD Swiss Institute of Technology, founder of the biological passport, with CEO & CSO positions in multiple biotechs and preventative health companies.​